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As MAKTEK CONSTRUCTION, we are pleased to introduce our fund of knowledge to you again, upon our infrastructure and contracting works completed in Turkey’s numerous cities and abroad, as Iraq and Ukraine are being in the first place.

We are providing you to meet with a project in Yalova where you will get away from the stress and the crowd of the town and reach easily through Osman Gazi Bridge or the Sea Buses. Besides, you will find a chance to take a satisfactory rest in peace with its unique architecture having spacious balconies of THE LOFT YALOVA.

Take your place in this project, to take a rest to get relaxed; while getting a high return on investment.

A Few Words About House

facilities of Apartt villa

  • Wifi
  • Satelite TV / DVD Player
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee Maker
  • Coffee Machine
  • Celling Fan In Bedroom
  • Safety Deposit Box

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A Few Words About Yalova

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Yalova city is located northwest of Turkey, near Istanbul. Yalova is especially well known for its thermal tourism and spa centers as well as its coast line and beaches. Yalova is getting more and more attention from international property investors and holiday makers.

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